Our Story

Hi there,

Let’s begin with a few words on where this all comes from. In 2022, the first BMX races with Sqorz were ran for the Swiss-German regional association BMX DSV who ran a series of 10 races to determine the Swiss-German Champion of the year. It ended working so well, we ended the season running several races with livestream (which we could do because Sqorz was taking care of the race) and ended managing a couple of UCI C1 races here, in Switzerland. The pain during the season was registration and linking the data to the events and above all, ensuring the data was accurate so the race ran without any data driven issues.

To resolve this issue a development started to build a registration system that allows to be compatible with a lot of payment methods on a global level, help to take precautions on the data quality of the registration and adjust to the rules that are set in the race rule book and in Sqorz. For 2023 the expectation is to register at least 4000 riders over this platform as now the national Swiss organization Swiss Cycling has joined their events in this success story.

Each race series has its own parameters set and a unique identifier with Sqorz to link the data. Each race series contain a selector for all the relevant races belonging to the series and a group to help determine the price point. On the basis of the riders stored in the user’s profile, a user will see only valid class selection possibility under Rider & Class. The race series and rider profiles combined can determine, amongst others, the following parameters: Class name, age, gender, if a transponder number is mandatory, plate number is mandatory, UCI license number is mandatory or if a rental transponder is needed, etc…

In the menus below the add to cart button, you will find relevant information like where the event will take place or the website of the organizer, the rulebook, the Sqorz live result streaming (when available). To make everything transparent, the reason why a rider is not shown in a certain class is also available there.

Setting a new standard is hard to do, however we aim to leap forward by integrating the booking with Sqorz race management in the near future. In the end, the paperwork needs to be as simple as possible so we can spend time loving BMX. We aim to make it that way!


Best regards,

Joris Noëth, founder of Streamzsports

Special thanks to BMX DSV, the BMX club presidents, Marion, Martin, Made by Design and our family!